SCP meets Industry

For the first time in ERSCP’s long history a partnership with industry has been established. Partnership means that 8 major companies in the Lake Constance region are involved as sponsors in the development of concept and content. This corporate network addresses problems and challenges for the scientific community (see table below). They ought to be answered and discussed in advance or during the conference.

Industrial challenges (options):

Buildings Life cycle: Thinking/assessment/costing/management
Timber construction (see: Life Cycle Tower)
Sustainable renovation
Ecological footprint
Serial production of eco-buildings
Labels and certificates
Tourism Human resources
Local produce
Sustainable construction and refurbishment
Experience economy
Energy Energy systems beyond Peak Oil
Energy autonomy
Energy efficiency in several industries
Resources Bio-Polymers: renewables and food problems; bio-degradability; life period
Dematerialisation and its potential in industry
Smart products
Lifestyles Sustainability and urbanity
Wealth index
2000 Watt society
Changes in consumption patterns
“slow down”
Resilience Regional value chains
Best place to work
Sustainable growth
Password forgotten?