Lifestyle – The Way of Living And Standard of Living

Various research fields like climate and environmental protection as well as economic fields like construction and tourism have focused on raising efficiency, protecting resources, improving social impacts and reducing CO2 emissions for decades. Eventually the success of all these efforts depends on how our life style is in line with the know-how and technical achievements in research and development.
Foto: Jo Pesendorfer / Vorarlberg Tourismus

One can choose a certain way of living. However, the standard of living is often predetermined depending on the country of origin and regional or cultural background. The strive for a better standard of living and lifestyle in western, industrialized parts of the world leads to fatal consequences due to exploited natural resources and environmental stress.

The topic raises the following issues:

  • How can economic growth, life cycle assessment and deceleration be conciliated?
  • Is slow movement the answer?
  • To what extent are questions about our lifestyle ecologically relevant?
  • To what extent does our lifestyle influence the dimensions environment, ecology and social system? Are the factors of influence distributed equally?
  • What role does our mobility behaviour play? Do developments like e-bikes offer more chances or hide more risks?
  • What conflicts arise from the discrepant priorities between the continuous need for modern conveniences and the knowledge about the limits of growth, environmental resilience and social injustices?
  • What are the various demands of younger and elder generations?
  • What role do values and the preservation of values play?
  • What effects will a “drastically dropped standard of living” (Dennis Meadows) have on the basic need of mankind for individual freedom? How could a “framework for social acting” be designed in order to conform to the know-how and technical achievements in the future?

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