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Session: Tourism / Resources / Lifestyle 2 May 2012
14.00-17.30 h
Knowledge for Sustainable Consumption Policies – Experiences from CORPUS, a European Project on Knowledge Brokerage Gerd Scholl
Sustainable mobility culture: An approach for capacity development in Eastern Europe Tomas Hefter
Towards sustainable consumption practices: methods and results of cases in nutrition and bathing Jaco Quist
Nobody was Dirty: Interrupting inconspicuous consumption in laundry routines Tullia Jack
InEDIC - Innovation and Ecodesign in the Ceramic Industry: Overview and results of an European training and demonstration project Cristina Rocha
Land resource conflicts due to renewable energies: How to consider the social dimension Gudrun Lettmayer
Tashko Rizov
GIZ PROKLIMA - Sustainable Technology Cooperation - Cooling in Developing Countries Bernhard Siegele
Session: Ecological Footprint 2 May 2012
14.00-15.30 h
Conference Room 1
Life cycle analysis and carbon footprint, uses and limitations in public procurement Aure Adell
Open Footprint Puzzle Process Hellmut Körber
Network Footprinting - a holistic approach to assess environmental impacts Wolfgang Pekny
Innovations for biodiversity assessments in planning and industry: integrating ecological models and ecosystem services Birgit Aue
Session: Energy 2 May 2012
14.00-17.30 h
Panorama 2
An Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Analysis of Lignocellulosic Bioethanol as an Alternative Transportation Fuel Basak Buyukbay Daylan
The Challenges Associated with Lignocellulosic Bioethanol Production and Consumption Considering Renewable Energy Policies in Turkey Nilgün Cılız
Can Energy supply companies play a role in local energy savings programs? Kasper Dirckinck-Holmfeld
Energy poverty – from a global perspective to Austria Thomas Berger
Energy use from a consumption perspective - How can it be done and what is it good for? Michael Hartner
Policy instruments to reduce electricity consumption in private households: Is efficiency enough? Christian Dehmel
Energy recovery from biodegradable waste in grain processing industry Jurgis Staniskis
Analysing corporate sustainability at utility companies: a case study from Slovenia Rodrigo Lozano
Poster Presentation 2 May 2012/17.30-18.00
3 May 2012/13.30-14.00
Foyer 1
Buoyancy energy Giovani Ferreira de Almeida
Intention to buy organic products with additional sustainable attributes Isabella Hämmerle
Changing practices of built environment professionals to face sustainability challenge. Analysis of two Scandinavian case studies Valeria Montrucchio, Davide Maneschi
Plattform Footprint – Using personal allowances to go beyond the efficiency-debate Michael Schwingshackl
Value-chain Voluntary Agreements to improve resource efficiency and save energy: the new VinylPlus approach Brigitte Dero, Erica Lo Buglio
The Role of SME’s in a Resilient of Society Gyula Zilahy
Assessment of energy-efficient building retrofit strategies leading to cost-optimality and nearly zero energy building (nZEB) Martin Jakob, Gross Nadja
Perspectives from the World and Turkey Focusing on Haydarpasa and Martas Port Waste Reception Facilities Neslihan Dogan-Saglamtimur
The user values as indicators of sustainable consumption shift Aija Freimane
Determination and Analysis of Factors Enabling the Development of an Eco-City Christina Fountzoula
Improvement of energy efficiency in the steel industry by utilization of low temperature waste heat Johannes Fresner
Indicating resilience of energy systems - A novel assessment framework Julian Matzenberger
Carbon Footprint of Murau Beer Susanne Aichmayer
Session: Resources 3 May 2012
09.00-12.30 h
Bodensee 1
Rethinking growth in the light of Contraction and Convergence Simon Milton, Edina Vadovic
Running on two wheels instead of one: Complementary economic systems towards sustainable consumption Marlyne Sahakian
Immaterial consumption patterns Gerhard Vogel, Jennifer Grundtner
Investigating the life-span of cork products through a longitudinal approach with users – Interim results Ana Carina Pereira
Adaptation to Climate Change in Industry: Demonstration Projects for Water Saving Through Eco-Efficiency Approach Emrah Alkaya
Environmental business consultancy – an internal view Markus Meissner
Clean€uro - a method of self-reflection of personal consumer behaviour Sabine Haselsteiner, Lukas Scherak
Multidisciplinary dialogue for sustainable lighting Reine Karlsson
Session: Lifestyle 3 May 2012
14.00-17.30 h
Bodensee 1
Design and Validation of Educational Resources for Household Sustainable Consumption Marta Isabel Palhim Cardoso
Contemporary patterns of sustainable lifestyle and attitudes for behaviour change in the Hungarian society Agnes Zsoka
Evaluation of Transnational Household Sustainable Consumption Indicators: Opportunities for Improvement and Innovation Tomas Ramos
Implication of Sustainable Lifestyles: Results from an EU-wide impact evaluation Bettina Brohmann
The ecological footprint of green and brown consumers. Introducing the behaviour-impact-gap (BIG) problem Maria Csutora
Corporate Social Responsibility on SMEs Oihana Hernaez
Assessing Sustainable Agricultural Practice: The GLOBAL 2000 approach Martin Wildenberg
Climate effects of the Austrian pork meat production Gregor Sellner
Session: Resources / Energy 3 May 2012
14.00-17.30 h
Bodensee 2
Implementation of the Chemical Leasing Business Model in Metal Cleaning Vojislavka Satric, Lionel Montémont
Chemical leasing in printing sector Lakmini Edirisinghe
Efficiency of using Chemical Leasing approach in Pest and Disease control in Agriculture – Evidence from the Potato Cultivation Heenatigala Viraj Priyantha Wijewardhana
Can Austria „feed“ itself in a post-fossil world? Supplying Austria autonomously with food, energy, wood materials and substitutes for synthetic materials on a regenerative basis Ernst Schriefl
Energy Storage in Concentrating Solar Technologies – Current Research and Future Integration into the Smart Energy Economy Jörg Petrasch
RESYS project - a few clicks to regional energy autarky Sabine Haselsteiner
Transition pathways for a UK low carbon energy system: combining demand-side and supply-side measures Timothy Foxon
Sustainable Energy Autarky for New City Development Han Brezet
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