Resilience refers to the ability of an entity or system to return to its initial condition elastically following a disturbance or disruption of some kind. It can also be regarded as capability of resistance or the capability of systems to deal with disturbances.

Recently the notion of resilience has been increasing in importance and is already entering policy discourse, e.g. in ecologic matters like climate change which is an imminent danger – or in economic matters as financial markets have been in permanent turbulences recently.

Therefore it is essential to investigate to which degree different systems are resilient already and how the resilience of these systems can be further increased to make the system capable of tolerating disturbances without collapsing.

The topic is valid for ecologic, economic and social subjects alike, as the resistance of ecosystems will be on trial in the future just as the resistance of social and economic systems. As these fields are closely inter-connected, disturbances of all kinds in one sector will inevitably affect the other sectors as well.

Key questions for ERSCP topic Resilience are:

  • How resilient is Austria to different kinds of crises?
  • How can prevention and mitigation of crises ideally be combined with an increase of resilience?
  • How/to which extent can resilience help to combat climate change and how does it concern ecosystems?
  • To which degree can the reduction of dependence on raw help to increase regional resilience?
  • How do regional/national economies respond to recessionary shocks?
  • How do various factors/developments shape the resilience of a regional/national economy?
  • How can resilience contribute to economic stability and what chances for society and economy potentially arise therefrom?
  • To what extend is the aim of energy autonomy helpful to increase the capability of resistance? What practical approaches to achieve this ambitious goal are there?
  • Are existing social networks strong enough to resist future crises? If not, what should be done to strengthen them?
  • What could a society of the future look like that is based on an equilibrium between regional output, employment, and causing no harm to ecosystems? How can the idea of resilience be used in this regard?

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