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The Rhomberg Group operates in the fields of construction, railway technology and engineering, underpinned by the ecologically sound utilisation of resources. As a family business with roots firmly embedded in the region, Rhomberg provides a strong powerbase for further expansion. It undertakes projects of all scale and size, not only in its core market in Austria, but has also established the name of Rhomberg on the international stage as a reliable and competent partner. Sustainability is Rhomberg’s project focus. The modern holistic view of building and construction, from initial conception and development through to use and conversion, opens up new horizons and ensures long-lasting investment. This combined approach enables to contribute to the safeguarding of the environment while at the same time facilitating corporative advancement. Rhomberg therefore ensures that its current actions correspond to the requirements of future generations and incorporate economic, ecological and social aspects in its considerations. Rhomberg’s aim is to apply integrated approaches which contain the entire lifecycle including buildings, infrastructures and people in addition to resource-saving procedures.

As part of the Rhomberg Group, Cree is not just an entrepreneurial diversification, but the logical consequence of four generations of architectural experience since 1892. The company name Cree stands for Creative Resource & Energy Efficiency. Cree with its main project LifeCycle Tower brings wood into the city as a building material. A LifeCycle Tower is erected as a system: several modules are pre-manufactured in the factory and are assembled on site. Compared with conventional construction methods for similar buildings, this enables the building time to be reduced by half – as is the exposure to dirt, dust and noise. The LifeCycle Tower, which is planned as plus energy or passive house, can be designed individually, generate electricity through a photo-voltaic façade, and demonstrates a new sustainable type of living and working. Cree sees itself not only as a construction company, but also as provider of ideas and impulses for new strategies of sustainable handling of and living with nature and its resources. Its connection with the Rhomberg Group and the know-how of a team of highly qualified architects, planners and engineers not only ensures reduced lifecycle costs, high maintenance of building value and thus significant cost benefits, but also greatest comfort and state-of-the-art safety requirements.

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