Thursday, 3 May 2012

14.00 h - 17.30 h (all sessions in parallel)

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Room Title
Seestudio Future of packaging
Propter Homines Futourismus - approaches to sustainable hotels of the future Simultanübersetzung D/E
Bodensee 1 Paper Session: Lifestyle
Bodensee 2 Paper Session: Resources / Energy
Bodensee 3 Future of European Textile Industry
Additional Paper: The role of sustainable textile labels in the business-consumer dialogue (Eivind Sto)
Panorama 1 Food Waste - a societal challenge
Additional Paper: The challenges of food wastage to European Society (Felicitas Schneider)
Panorama 2 Solar food - Sustainable energy systems in the food processing industry
Seegalerie 1 System design for sustainability
Seegalerie 2 Global change phenomena and megatrends towards 2050
Conference Room 1 Implementation barriers of SCP
Blue Lounge TrustIn Training on Sustainable Innovation
Including Papers:
Creativity and organisational learning as means to foster sustainability (Rodrigo Lozano)
ECOPROFIT - Model of preventive environmental management and sustainable development for companies and communities (Johannes Fresner)
InEDIC – Innovation and Ecodesign in the Ceramic Industry: Overview and results of an European training and demonstration project (Cristina Rocha)
Resource Efficiency (Peter Glavic)
PATRES (Public Administration Training and coaching on Renewable Energy Systems) (Johannes Fresner)
VKW E-Mobility in practice
Green Events - cancelled!
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