Thursday, 3 May 2012

09.00 h - 12.30 h (all sessions in parallel)

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Room Title
Seestudio Future of packaging
Propter Homines The battle of towers – skyscrapers and sustainability? Simultanübersetzung D/E
Bodensee 1 Paper Session: Resources
Bodensee 2 Sustainability management beyond growth
Bodensee 3 Pathways, scenarios and backcasting for sustainable and low-carbon lifestyle
Including Papers:
Exploring the added value of quasi-ethnographic case studies on the emergence and upscaling of grassroot innovations: some lessons to be learned from the InContext research project. (Tom Bauler)
Designing Effective Visioning Workshops (Walter Wehrmeyer)
Pathways to Sustainability:CRISP approach (Zaneta Stasiskiene)
Why behave sustainably? Including altruistic motivations for lifestyle changes (Felix Rauschmayer)
Creating and testing visions of the future: the use of back-casting scenarios in promoting sustainable change in organizations (Adina Dumitru)
Low Carbon at Work: changing large-scale organizations to achieve a low-carbon Europe (Ricardo Garcia-Mira)
The Community Arena: Application of transition governance in local communities (Julia M. Wittmayer)
Panorama 1 Sustainable construction for public buildings - ecofriendly choice of building materials
Panorama 2 Critical raw materials for high technology sector
Seegalerie 1 Sustainability in tourism businesses: labels, toolkits, learning networks
Additional Papers:
The Green Hospitality Programme, Ireland, continues to significantly reduce waste, improve resource efficiency and highlight the green agenda for the Irish Hospitality Sector. (James Hogan)
Towards an eco-efficient hotel industry (Dirk Hengevoss)
Seegalerie 2 Resilient regions
Conference Room 1 09.00 - 10.30 h From Re-Use to Smart-Use
11.00 - 12.30 h Foresight as an Instrument to enhance sustainable development
Blue Lounge The dual challenge for global material supply chains
Including Paper: Risks and Vulnerabilities in Global Metabolic Networks (Peter-Paul Pichler)
Foyer 2 Future workspace and its sustainable challenges - New work spaces in European offices
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