Wednesday, 2 May 2012

14.00 h - 17.30 h (all sessions in parallel)

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Room Title
Seestudio Paper Session: Tourism / Resilience / Lifestyle
Propter Homines Sustainable Buildings and Constructions: Recent ideas, strategies and initiatives - Simultanübersetzung D/E
Parkstudio _
Bodensee 1 Lighting for sustainable business development.
Bodensee 2 Communication and marketing of sustainable products
Bodensee 3 Bridging Asia and Europe with sustainable supply chains
Panorama 1 Climate protection or perspectives for a good life
Additional Paper: Preparing for an energy-scarce future: questions and answers for the communal level and beyond (Ernst Schriefl)
How to Change Everyday Routines towards Low Carbon Lifestyles: Preliminary Findings from a Field Test (Oskar Marg)
Panorama 2 Paper Session: Energy
Seegalerie 1 Dream Destination - experience economy in tourism
Seegalerie 2 Sustainable consumption during times of crisis
14.00 - 15.30 h Results of the 1st Trans-Atlantic SCORAI Workshop May 1
16.00 - 17.30 h Discussion on the future of SCORAI Europe
Conference Room 1 Paper Session: Ecological Footprint and
Ecological footprinting - a holistic approach to assess environmental impacts
Blue Lounge Responsible Management
Workshop "Biodiversity - what's it for businesses and how to get it?" cancelled!

17.30 h - 18.00 h

Foyer 1: Poster Presentation

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